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You could potentially mix these novel Filipino child girl labels which have 2nd labels!

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You could potentially mix these novel Filipino child girl labels which have 2nd labels!

Creating Filipino labels to possess little one girls are going to be hard. Below are a few labels that might motivate united states a little.

Due to the fact pregnant mom-to-become, some people currently have a sense of things to term the arriving baby girl. We’d like to call them immediately after queens, experts, thought frontrunners, as well as other other people who provides gone the world. However, you will find several folks who would like to stay real to our roots; this new Philippines comes with quite numerous inspirational Filipino labels for little one girls. Check out names we find novel and you can inspiring.


Who won’t need certainly to term their daughter adopting the epic warrior queen away from Pangasinan? The name Urduja is different; not many are aware of the storyline of king and you can their own army exploits. According to historic texts, the latest Muslim king commonly moved of Tawilisi (otherwise just what of a lot today know as Pangasinan) to help you China, in order to Asia if you’re gifting spices and many others to people just who saw her hospitality. Just like the a queen, she remained unwed on the issue was to defeat their unique for the treat. New stories go many fighters and you will kings cowed off their own difficulties, fearing disgrace and dishonor.

For those who are accustomed pre-colonial Philippine records, Tala is the name of your deity of your morning celebrity. That it baby girl name’s the best fit for a smiley youngster which will bring numerous pleasure for the our life. Depending on the country and you can people, title Tala is even acquiesced by north Europeans. Scandinavians know the name Tala once the a variety from Adalheidis. Among Eastern, the name together with signifies some thing sleek such as for example Silver (Persia), and you can Palm Beautiful Tree (Arabic).

The de-. Into the Navajo, Tala setting “Wolf Little princess.” And this, is pretty chill particularly when we have been larger admirers of one’s Studio Ghibli film: Little princess Mononoke.


In the event the we’re currently crazy about the name Raya, Hiraya would be one factor for the child girl’s certified title. Simple fact is that Tagalog keyword for “imagination;” for some childless people who’ve battled and you will attempted to score pregnant to possess such a long time, title Hiraya will have enough emotional value. For other people, also, it is a term which means, “s be realized.”

For any this new mother or father who has been waiting around for the child girl, she’s the sweetest dream become a reality.


Definition “excellence,” Ligaya’s a unique little one girl Filipino title that delivers off an enthusiastic mental air when you are remembering their origins. Exactly what many people create is they blend “Ligaya” that have a special name such as “Maria” that is traditional for some.


Wade archaic Filipino toward identity Adhika. While tired of the fresh new nice-sounding fluffy names and need something much more empowering, “Adhika” is the old Tagalog term to possess “honorable.” It had been and that’s still thought empowering particularly due to the fact our baby girl expands in order to become a motivated woman out-of the next day.


When the Tala is actually brand new deity of the day superstar during the Philippine myths then, Mayari is the newest goddess of moonlight. Felt brand new “extremely pleasant” one of their unique around three siblings, Mayari is certainly one of numerous pre-colonial Filipinos prayed so you’re able to getting a beneficial bountiful harvest out-of grain and gold.


Because Philippines stayed a colony out of The country of spain to have 333 decades, it’s no surprise you to definitely Language mixed with Tagalog. The name “Mirasol” is even a new little one girl name, taking some Foreign language sources throughout the term “sol” definition sunshine. Mirasol setting Sunflower.

Other Book Filipino Child Girl Labels

Listed below are some other Filipino child girl names. Even when they aren’t as the novel, they do hit a band and you will voice nice especially when combined that have a genuine next title.

  • Marikit – From inside the Tagalog, it indicates “pretty.”
  • Dalisay – So it term function “Absolute.” Their unique nickname can be Dali or Dalisay can be their unique second label.
  • Magayon – If you are crazy about just the right cone contour away from e of little princess off just who it derives its title.
  • Aurica – Maybe not Tagalog but it is Latin inside the provider. Title Aurica is inspired by the phrase “Auros” that is Latin to possess “gold.” For this reason the brand new feature “Gold” in the periodic table out-of issues is actually “Au” and not “G.”
  • Diwata – Because so many girls are probably called “Serena” that’s a variety regarding Sirena meaning “mermaid”, Diwata may be considered whilst means “fairy”.
  • Kali – Kali retains a couple definitions: 1) it’s the around the globe identity of one’s federal recreation, Arnis. 2) It’s the identity of Hindu Goddess Mahakali who is brand new embodiment regarding depletion and you may a slayer regarding demons. It’s a fairly cool and you will strong title for many who ask us!
  • Lorenza – Religious parents elizabeth to have Lorenza is the feminine version of one’s term Lorenzo which is the term of the first Filipino saint: St. Lorenzo Ruiz.
  • Darisay – There are two main definitions for this label. Inside the Ilocano, the name means “pure” or “of great top quality”. In addition, the people regarding age as one of “greatness”.
  • Diaya – It is Ilocano, meaning “provide.” For mothers who have miscarried and you will lost babies, their brand new little one girl is unquestionably something special.

While this type of baby girl names is actually nice, particular spiritual instructions and you may sections is generally hesitant to baptize as the there is no Religious title affixed. So what specific mothers carry out was get that you to book name and also the next name is Religious. For this reason there are a lot of boys who have Juan or John at the beginning of its term if you find yourself girls keeps Marie or Maria. That is good loophole mothers is exploit throughout the heritage if they want an even more unique name because of their child girls.