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This would in reality not be an issue with this build; Sir John de Keith d

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This would in reality not be an issue with this build; Sir John de Keith d

Re: ? Comyn spouse out of Malise

Concerning Comyn daughter who had been spouse regarding Malise off Strathearn, I’d theorized from inside the 2005 one she was indeed Margaret, identified as wife regarding Sir John de Keith (pick copy away from blog post less than) who was simply 2ndly e are provided in this article: the fresh new partner Emma I recommend is of another family relations, and never mommy of your own 2nd Earl Malise.

Scots Peerage, sub _Comyn, Earl away from Buchan_ , states to some extent, ‘Malise, Earl out of Strathearn, got a partner Emma, in 1261-1267, whose surname is actually unknown ‘[SP II:256, alludes to Cal. out-of Docs., i. 2383, 2451]. a little while just before 1270, making sure that his widow (Margaret) would have been “available” a while immediately following Emma.

It was obviously a speculation; it will feel the benefit of handling a well-known matchmaking between Muriel Keith and you will Reginald le Cheyne. More relevant paperwork carry out needless to say getting anticipate.

The fresh new account in Scots Peerage in regards to the category of Keith claims away from Sir John de Keith (d. california. 1270) which he try believed to possess hitched Comyn, earl off Buchan . It personality, of one’s unsure (“thought to had been”) diversity, can now become fixed according to the following dispensation, old during the Fondi on the fourteen The month of january 1378/9::

‘ Reg Aven 215, fifty On the bishop regarding Moray. Faculty so you’re able to dispense Reginald Cheyn, donzel, and you will Murielle, damselle, d de Keth, out-of Moray and you may Aberdeen dioceses, about obstacle to matrimony due to the next and you may 4th degrees of consanguinity. Fondi, 19 Kal. Feb., anno step one. SRO Vat. Trans., iv, no. 46. ‘

Muriel Keith, tomorrow next spouse of Robert Stewart, first Duke off Albany (d. 1420), try contracted in order to get married Reginald le Cheyne, child from Sir Reginald ce Cheyne from the their spouse (because their own basic spouse), Helen regarding Strathearn. When you find yourself you will find famous holes regarding the ancestry out-of Muriel Keith, she and you can Reginald ce Cheyne carry out share an ancestry regarding the Comyns. Yet not, it is as well faraway to need a beneficial dispensation if Muriel is actually a beneficial-great-great grandd Comyn, Earl regarding Buchan (d. 1233), which would function as instance in the event that ‘s the reason daughter.

2. Reginald ce Cheyne was a great-grandson from Marjory Comyn, daughter from Alexander Comyn, Earl out-of Buchan (d. 1290), young buck from William Comyn in the above list. Their own son try Malise, Earl regarding Strathearn away from 1312 to help you his dying inside 1328 , and you may father out-of Reginald.

ca. 1270), try just like Marjory Comyn, and you may hitched 2ndly so you can Malise, Earl out-of Strathearn (d. 1312). This should indicate brand new parentage a€?considered keeps been’ compared to Margaret, spouse away from Sir John de- Keith, try off that age bracket: she’d n’t have started the fresh new d Comyn, Earl from Buchan, but alternatively regarding his young buck Alexander. There’s no research one to Earl Malise and Marjory Comyn was in fact married much ahead of 1275: since Lindsay blogged,

There was one to discernable foundation on which the connection ranging from Reginald ce Cheyne and you will Muriel Keith would have lived: in the event that Margaret Comyn, wife off Sir John de Keith (d

‘ The new spouse of this earl, on 1275, is called Marjory, once we see the attesting condition regarding No. curriculum vitae., which can be mentioned from the Wyntoun, Guide VIII. chap. vi., to own come the second sister off John Comyn, Earl off Buchan, exactly who negotiated on the part of Earl Malise the wedding settlement a lot more than mentioned [dated at London, April twenty-six, 1293 having their child Matilda and Robert de- Tony, young man of Ralph].’

Alexander Comyn = Elizabeth de Quincy E out of Buchan I __________________I________________ I III 1) Sir John = Marjory = 2) Malise de Keith I (als I E out of Strathearn . 1270 We Margaret) We d. 1312 _____________I__ ___I__________________________ I We I I I We Sir William Bernard Malise Gilbert Robert Maud de Keith de Keith Age away from = Robert d. bef 1293 Strathearn; d. 1328 de Tony We ______I_______________________ We I We I Sir Edward Malise Mary Helen = Isabella de E regarding Strathearn = 1) Sir Reginald Synton d. california. 1343 We le Cheyne I We We = 2) Sir David I V We We de- Graham Sir William de- I We__________ Keith I I = Margaret Fraser __________________I_______ V __I_____________ I We We III I I I We Muriel + Reginald Mary Mariota Keith ce Cheyne (= Robert Stewart, Duke off Albany)